Zcash Media 2023

Hi all,

We wanted to provide an update on where we’re at! I’ll keep this update short as I’ve already elaborated on the overarching reasons for the delay and how we plan to be more efficient for Milestone 2. The only new bit of information I can add is that we didn’t hit our goal of finishing the current videos by the end of this month because we had some other projects flare up, requiring the attention of our team members. To compensate, we brought on two additional team members to get us to the finish line.

Here’s a per-episode update:

  1. Episode: Dilemmas. Status: Ready to submit.
  2. Episode: Cashless. Status: Requires further editing and animation.
  3. Episode: Web3. Status: Requires further editing and animation.
  4. Episode: Constitution. Status: Requires one more editing day.
  5. Episode: Privacy Regulation Theory. Status: In animation.
  6. Episode: Internet Ethics. Status: Ready to submit.
  7. Episode: Shorts Batch #1 (9 shorts). Status: Several ready to submit. Several require further editing and animation.
  8. Episode: Shorts Batch #2 (9 shorts). Status: Requires further editing and animation.

We were going to wait to finish everything so we could submit it all in one go, but after discussion with @aquietinvestor, we think it’s best to submit batches of finished videos as they come. That way, the videos can start to speak for themselves instead of me! We will submit the first batch to ZCG/ZF at the end of next week (minimum three episodes). I’ll also provide another update here once we turn in the first batch that will include estimates for when any videos we didn’t submit will be finished. Although we’ve been in frequent communication with ZCG along the way for this project, I will try to also increase the frequency of updates on the forum as we get closer and closer to finishing Milestone 1.

In the meantime, as the current videos are being edited and animated, we’ve already started writing scripts for the next videos, researching and interviewing potential additional team members, and thinking about distribution. As we get past this first milestone, I’ll reach out to community members to see how we can best coordinate around releasing the videos.