Future Money: What is Zcash?

Thread for the reveal of the @37L film:

What are everyone’s thoughts on the video and what was covered?

PS: Don’t forget the second video is coming out next week!


Personally, I have to say the ending felt like a bit of a cliffhanger. I saw several of the YouTube comments asking if it was over.

It would have been nice to have some sort of conclusion like “it’s working today” or “try it for yourself” . A call to action or something along those lines.

But overall it was high quality content and I’m sure it will fit well into the new channel being built:


It was too short!


Agree. I had liked the idea of on-boarding people onto a wallet to experience ZEC for themselves, as a conclusion to the video. Missed opportunity. But overall, you can tell a lot of quality work was put into the final product! :slightly_smiling_face:


I have mixed feelings about a call to action. Better not to come across as a sales pitch. But maybe a link in description explaining how to get up and running?


Pretty good, reminds me of justmoon’s video many years ago.


Yeah, maybe not an actual call to action to download a wallet or something. That could come off weird.

Personally, I didn’t really understand the ending. It seemed more vague about potential crypto adoption in the future. It didn’t seem specific to Zcash? Encouraging people to take back their privacy could have been a nice strong ending.

Overall, very nice work by the Zcash Media team. The production quality was fantastic. I’m very much looking forward to the next video.


I love the animation. Hopefully a style that can continue through future videos :clap:. Feels like the animation style of an old adventure style game where the player solves puzzles by using Zcash to protect their privacy. I’d play that game!


Personally I like the ending. The viewer was just educated about Zcash and that given a profound “what if?”. It almost feels like the call to action was more a “call to think” or “call to dream”. I think what we want is for everyone to have the same visceral reaction @zooko and others have had. Many people will dismiss it at first but we want to leave them with a little seed so when they wake up the next morning, next week, next month, it all clicks and they realise digital currency CAN’T achieve mass adoption as a payment system without privacy. As @zooko had to come to that conclusion himself so do viewers of the video. That “what if?” at the end feels like an intentional hint at that. Loved it!


I echo this completely. Did anyone see the full video ahead of time?

That said, great job on the video production & delivery!

Hey all,

First off, I want to thank all the Zcash community for their enthusiasm around this first video coming out! Having a core group of dedicated fans that have been around for years is the ideal starting point for an educational campaign like we are beginning.

Second, to address the open ending and other elements. Everything we put in the video had trade-offs. One of the biggest things we had to balance was being a true documentary-style video versus being a “branded content” piece - a type of video that may not explicitly be an ad, but is coming very clearly from a specific brand that wants you to buy their product. Therefore, we really backed off specifically telling the audience to “do” anything. We could have had literal back-to-back quotes of many of the biggest names in crypto saying “bullish” things about Zcash - but I don’t think that would have served the purpose of trying to reach a broad audience that is curious about cryptocurrency. For me personally, I know the harder that somebody is trying to sell me something, the more I don’t want to buy it.

At one point, I showed the video to a very well-respected, balanced, and prominent member of my circle - someone who may pass the video on to regulators, for instance - and they said it felt like parts of it reminded them of late-night infomercials where salespeople are trying to sell you on some wacky idea. Obviously, the video is very pro-Zcash overall, but if you ever noticed a moment where you felt - man I really wish so-and-so would just say Zcash is the best, that was probably not put in there on purpose. We felt like the vast majority of the world does not really understand crypto, and we wanted to provide them as much as possible with a summary of the ideas behind Zcash instead of the specifics of how to use it - that can come later. Crypto is such a huge concept that has never been tried before even remotely on a scale as humans are trying it now. So we tried to take our introduction to it as slow as possible and hit the highest-level points. People are already overwhelmed with so much information and apps every day, but simple, strong ideas are still the strongest driving force in the world, in my opinion.

There are so many things I wish we could have put in there, but we also optimized for length. Our goal since we started was 10-15 minutes. As you can see the final product was a little over 16 minutes - and even that was a real struggle to get to. It was painful to only include people like Ed Snowden and Vitalik for 10-30 seconds each. But from the beginning, we had wanted to fill out an entire YouTube channel where the remainder of our interview footage can be peppered in over time - giving people something new to learn over the course of a year, and by the end of a year, having an entire YouTube channel that new people can find and binge watch to “Learn Crypto from the Experts”. This type of content can include “how-to” videos on wallets, exchanges, and more - a one stop shop for learning about things big and small. I know when I was learning about crypto, a YouTube channel like that would have been a gold mine to me. It could also hopefully serve to steer people in the future to a legit project - “not trying to surveil them, but trying to protect them” - instead of the more “get rich quick” style of YouTube videos.

Also, we’ve always dreamed of making a full-length documentary on surveillance, web3, privacy, Zcash, etc. and try to get it to mainstream audiences through a mass distribution platform like Netflix (may it Rest in Peace, jk). We could cover a lot more in 90 minutes than 16! But that effort would require a lot of time and resources (and connections!), so we are taking the steady approach to build to it. In short, we are always kind of looking to the long-term plan, the one that may bring the most benefit over time.

All that being said, we love hearing all the feedback and will always try to continuously improve.

One thing I would say would be to show the video to friends, family, and coworkers who are not crypto experts. Sometimes the experts themselves (like everyone here) can be too close to the project to do what is best overall (speaking from experience). What do the non-crypto people in your circle say? Was it too much information? Too little? Clear or unclear? The more feedback we receive the better we can do!

Thanks y’all,



Very nice.

It was cool to see Eric Voorhees. I hadn’t heard about him in quite a while, and it is encouraging to see he made his way to zec.

Too bad Edward Snowden didn’t take a shower. Maybe he’s going full Russian? Or he is aspiring to the status of Richard Stallman? Anyway, it was nice to see him too.

Great editing, continuity, and sound level. The speakers do a good job modulating their voice for this type of presentation.