Zcash mining pool list


Lets try to keep this list up-to-date.
Comments about the pools.


its run by the owners of ethermine.org and etherpool

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pool.zeromine.org is now up and mining stratum!

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@tim_olson updates on the pool

No time to work on the pool right now, and there are several alternatives which popped up. We do plan to come back to this and fix it, but the top priority now is setting up for our cloud mining customers.

CoinsForAll pool:

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I would add supoorted miners (and which specific version with github link) for each pool

All of you who want to mine Zcash with NiceHash but still earn ZEC (instead of BTC), here is a pool for you: http://zcash.nicehash.com/ (by the way, we are talking to lower ZEC payout from 1.0 ZEC to 0.1 ZEC).

If you are looking to rent hashing power to mine ZEC, you can also use our pool without the standard 3% order fee (so it is 0% for you).

IMPORTANT: High risk of a scam.

read the forum: Open Source ZEC (ZCash) GPU Miner AMD & NVidia (up to 45 sol/s on RX480)

Could you please explain this comment

@1parkplace This comment is 3 days old. We have decreased later to 0.01 ZEC (before the release) and few hours ago to 0.001 ZEC.

So you’re cutting the mining reward by a factor of 10? WTF?

They reduced the minimum payout threshold, not the amount.

New Z cash pool been opened for a little over a week offering 0% mining fee for the next 2 weeks after that .75 mining fee less than 1% pool owner has very fast response to any questions and is very helpful. if you guys are interested in helping the pool out the link is
Help support this pool guys thanks

I have setup a list with live stats here: https://www.miningpoollists.com/zcash/

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