Zen pool + zcash

We have launched a new simple pool for mining zencash.
Original frontend is still in the project. To test the functionality has been
found the first few blocks. If you have untapped resources and desire
to try out a new pool, we will be glad to see to finalize the remaining
issues and mining.

Username: your zen wallet address
Password: anything
You can assign a worker name by appending it with a dot to your address.

example for EWBF’s:
miner --server zen.bstpl.org --port 8888 --user znhtFmuw3ukcJkd7B38LwjWx53iWqkQon8f.rig1 --pass z --pec

ZCASH pool switched off cause we have no hashrate for it.

Also the launched server for hush, and if there is a possibility, it is also possible to connect.
port for hush 8432, server and statistics: hush.bstpl.org
example .bat for EWBF’s:
miner --server hush.bstpl.org --port 8432 --user t1ebueHhjA81LXDkgMBvtrMt9MsAGR9GZGi.rig2 --pass z --pec

What does your pool offer that the others don’t? How much hashrate do you have (or are willing to invest) to keep your zcash pool profitable?

At the moment we are planning to increase capacity on the zen pool. For zcash for pool working on the issues to improve the stability of the system. We have little experience in cryptoworld and until we not prove the profitability of zen, we will not be able to negotiate with the investor on building resources for zcash. For entering zcash necessary min for about 400 ksols, it is a great investment.
For now we can guarantee lowest fee listed on pool (0.25%) and our honesty always.

Sorry for bad English.