Need testnet zcash coin

Hi all,

I need some testnet zcash to do some test for zcash v1.1.2. I tried to request some zcash from but have not received anything. Could anyone send me some? thank you.

My t-address: tmQ4foFckwiChoev2FqxBqLedhkRDyb3rui
My z-address: ztcawPAMQdBwGNKr8SstbevFUHxSVTq4rFoYe3JHanDewDSrVsjrEGCngG7ix4DRp3YK2i552FE9ggXw4FqcJbibonMBq2Y

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There is now a Sapling faucet (for testnet on versions 1.1.1 & 1 1.2) here

I sent some to your z-addr with txid 7741d59c63087b1b2a28650027ce414acc88e5129a520f94bd02cfcb422f50ca

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Thank you. Do you know how to check the balance of my t-addr zcash? I used ./src/zcash-cli z_listaddresses or ./src/zcash-cli z_getoperationresult. But I didn’t see any thing.

Use z_gettotalbalance to get balance of both shielded and transparent values.

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Thank you for the prompt reply. Do you know how to get the communication cost (#bytes) and running time for each transaction?

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I’m not entirely sure what you are asking, but likely for the transaction size you could use getrawtransaction and decoderawtransaction (assuming you want transactions not in your wallet you may want to add txindex=1 to zcash.conf`).

For running time you’d need z_getoperationresult - this will only show transactions you sent and will be removed from memory after you’ve run this i.e. this data isn’t retained.