Zcash RPC API follows which RPC standard?

I’m trying to figure out the json RPC API for zcacsh follow RPC 1.0 standard or RPC 2.0?

It is ostensibly JSON-RPC 1.1 1.0, but with a few oddities inherited from upstream Bitcoin Core that make it sometimes not work with plain JSON-RPC libraries (I generally find using e.g. python-bitcoinrpc is sufficient).

Upstream migrated to JSON-RPC 2.0 in either 0.12 or 0.13 (I forget), whereas we are based on 0.11.2 with backports. At some point we plan to pull the 2.0 changes in, but there are several other refactoring changes we need to pull in first to make it easier.

It means the standard Zcash endpoints like z_sendmany, z_shieldcoinbase follows RPC 2.0?
Actually I’m playing with the API in java using a JSON RPC library.

All RPC APIs in zcashd are JSON-RPC 1.0.

Thanks again for the information, can they(Zcash API’s) be called using plain HTTP calls as it is the case with bitcoin?

The zcashd RPC disables REST. There are some libraries in Electric Coin Company Prototypes and Experiments · GitHub that might work for you but they’re not fully supported.