Z_sendmany example with txfee needed

Can anyone provide an example rpc z_sendmany query which includes the transaction fee? I can’t seem to figure out the syntax and always receive “Json parse error”. I am running zcashd v3.1.0 on linux.

Here is an example specifying all available options (including minconf and fee). See more here: https://zcash-rpc.github.io/z_sendmany.html

zcash-cli z_sendmany "zs1examplea4lqxrtmlpkayj0hxpfdd3ve62xhd7jds8c2a8tqz5kekplt469eza5wu8djdvpauezv" "[{\"address\": \"zs1examplea4lqxrtmlpkayj0hxpfdd3ve62xhd7jds8c2a8tqz5kekplt469eza5wu8djdvpauezv \", \"memo\": \"Optional memo\", \"amount\": 1}]" 1 0.0001

Aha. Thank you. I was incorrectly not quoting the square brackets.

Have you ever used this with the rpc, using the curl command? I am still getting JSON parse error from that method.

Is there a specific reason you want to set a fee?

Having a unique fee other than the default 0.0001 ZEC is not recommended due to privacy concerns. A unique fee setting can stand out among others making it possible to correlate transactions for a single user.

My primary goal is to exercise the API and verify that it works according to specifications.
I would also like to verify what you’ve stated about correlating transactions with specific users or addresses.

What amount format is accepted for amount ?
I try : 0.0045 But I get ‘Invalid amount’ !

I use with my local node and rpc.

Amount need to be like that in zatoshis : 45000… ?


I Found answer, originally, I have this : 0.0487654434566 zcash
WIth 8 decimals format, it works : 0.048765443

Good day

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