Zcash rpc command to get total count of transactions?

Hello all,

Quick question, is there a Zcash-cli/Zcash RPC command to return the total count of transactions?

For example, using zcash-cli listtransactions parameter:

  1. “account” (string, optional) DEPRECATED. The account name. Should be “*”.
  2. count (numeric, optional, default=10) The number of transactions to return
  3. from (numeric, optional, default=0) The number of transactions to skip
  4. includeWatchonly (bool, optional, default=false) Include transactions to watchonly addresses (see ‘importaddress’)

In other words, I’d like to know the current max/total count as to plug into listtransactions to get the full list. Or if you know of another technique, that’s cool too.

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Zec Prophet.

I think listtransactions would only work for Taddys, lol I’ll have to check because there’s none in my node right now, to see them run getaddressesbyaccount “”

z_listrecievedbyaddress should show for a Zaddy, use z_listaddresses
Sometimes the experimentalfeatures and insightexplorer flags need enabled for certain rpcs, this will reindex so be prepared for that.

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the only way I was able to find was by parsing the debug.log

you get something like this

Aug 25 09:40:27.990  INFO ProcessNewBlock: main: UpdateTip: new best hash=00000000002f5c990ce4541590eacf137b9045060c2df5add911cdeb0670e6f3 height=1367027 bits=469991690 log2_wor
k=58.745548 tx=9017063 date=2021-08-25 09:40:13 progress=1.000000 cache=50.8MiB(3260tx)

Would getwalletinfo show the same 3260? Or were you looking for the 9M one? (thats cool though)