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I post on Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/zec/comments/z0tyw0/zcash_blockreward_question/

but maybe I will get answer here.

I read a Zcash blockchain by blocks and I made some calculation about supply.

I am making a web page related to inflation and useful information… and I have some calculation problems.

the block reward ramps up linearly from 0.000625 ZEC to 12.5 ZEC
Block 0 - 20,000 blocks = Total supply 125006 ZEC

Then 12.5
Block 20,001 to 653599 blocks x 12.5 ZEC = Total supply 8,045,006 ZEC

Then 6.5
Block 653600 - 1046399 blocks x 6. 25 = Total supply 10,500,000 ZEC

Then 3.125
Block 1046400 - 1886126 blocks x 3. 125 = Total supply 13,124,147 ZEC

What I miss, because coinmarketcap.com shows Total Supply 15,748,106 ZEC

The last calculation was
to block 1886222 coingecko shows = Total Supply 13,007,073 but when I calculated supply to block 1886222 = Total supply is 13,124,447

Block time doesn’t matters because I count number of blocks X block reward for 1 block.

Any Idea why there are difference.


The CoinMarketCap supply number is wrong because they likely don’t account for Blossom. This has been a longstanding problem.


You mean they account for only one of

  • the more frequent blocks
  • the smaller rewards each

Anybody mind listing which sites are wrong and which are right. Messari says 15.7 million https://messari.io/asset/zcash/metrics/all

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I count the blocks and multiply by block reward, I don’t think I need to multiply by 2 to get the final result.

I don’t know where I could be going wrong, is there a developer to explain this?

Is there a formula you can provide?

My formula is as follows

(first 20,000 blocks * block reward ramps up linearly so 12.5 = 125006.25 ZEC ) + (next 633,600 blocks * 12.5 = 7920000 ZEC ) + (next 392,799 blocks * 6.25 = 2454993.75 ZEC ) + (next 840793 blocks to date * 3,125 = 2627478.125 ZEC) = current coins circulation 127,478,125 ZEC

neither explorer matches my calculation of the current coins circulation

127КК? It seems that your calculator is broken.

It is Wrong.
the closest to the truth value is here: https://blockchair.com/zcash

Sorry, it’s in Russian, but Google translates well:

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