Zcash Misinformation on The Internet

This thread will track findings around the Internet related to Zcash and it’s ecosystem.

Ideally they can be tracked and resolved over time.

My leading example is from Coinmarketcap.com

Where the Electric Coin Company is described as for-profit


Binance.com displays the ZEC circulation of supply as 16,300,000 coins.

That amount is over counted by roughly 2,000,000 coins.


Not bad compared to CoinGecko, which informs a circulating supply of less than 8 million coins (CoinGecko utilizes BlockChair API

CoinMarketCap is slightly better 16.3 mi coins. (They even claim that this amount was verified by the team)

According to my full node the actual supply of ZEC is 14307737.66554480 (as of writing).


Coinbase says the same thing with 16.3 but I believe that is the amount that is going to be minted through the remainder of the halve i.e. 1 more year and they just kind of pro-rated the amount. Otherwise yeah just get the number from zcashd, solved this (almost) a year ago.

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That doesn’t seem correct because Coinbase lists PoW statistics for what looks like all other coins with accurate current circulating supplies. (Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, et al) As noted above, it seems that there is a technical problem with how these platforms are interacting with the Zcash network api(s).

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just a quick look at a bitcoin chart — bitcoin was around 14m circulating at the time of the fork. isn’t that the starting point?

No, the Zcash conception of supply began at zero coins. Fork only refers to the code base (but nothing related to the BTC supply at that time)



I think this is probably the most germane place for me to put this:

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I find it ironic mainly because BTC didn’t have an original dev fund, but progress was still made by unpaid volunteers.

Zcash had and has a dev fund and it still has close to zero traction and doesn’t even work well.


money printing and diluting shareholders is not a new idea. and it’s not even close to genius. it’s an old idea applied to cryptoa and highly destructive over time. what Zcssh is doing is essentially an ICO spread out over time. if the price goes up, it’s better than selling it all up front like most ICOs. if the price goes down, it would have been better to fund up front at the higher price. our problem is no governance; wasteful spending, and centralized development combined with a misplaced belief ZEC is private fiat, which causes a massive misallocstikn of resources. bitcoin is genius as they don’t have a dev fund and have developers working for free. That’s genius!


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For those who run full nodes, this can be verified without much effort :slight_smile: I wouldn’t rely on others who may have other motives.