Zcash Unified Addresses


It is neat because of the forward camptibility and that some users are just hopeless or even don’t want to know about any technical aspects and that shouldn’t be an excluding factor to be able to adequately use Zcash but it doesn’t alleviate the need for some users to at least have a modicum of understanding about underlying value pools so as a ‘complimentary feature’ it sounds great but ‘no more native addresses’ seems excessive

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Great video. One small criticism though: I think ‘backward compatibility’ is a better word than ‘future-proof’.

Your current UA will continue to be supported in future wallets but to benefit from future advances in crypto, you will need to upgrade your UA.

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Great job on simplifying Unified Addresses!

That’s the whole point of UA, you never need to change your address which makes it future proof! As this is where the autoshielding/sending ZEC to the most-recent-supported-pool-on-client happens.

That’s not correct. The autoshielding happens when you upgrade your UA in a more recent wallet.

Suppose that UA were released before halo. Your UA would include (yellow) transparent and (green) sapling (I don’t know why they omitted sprout in the video).
Now (blue) orchard addresses are invented but you don’t change your UA address.

You give your UA to a new wallet. This wallet cannot auto migrate your coins since your UA does not include a blue address. Therefore you need to change your UA address if you want to have the latest feature.

The plan is to release UA after orchard.

And as far as I understand, the UA doesn’t need to know your new shielded address as your client will identify both UA and the latest shielded pool(post orchard) and the client will make the auto shielding, transferring ZEC from UA based transparent/shielded pool to the post orchard pool address. But this is way in the future, for now, the 3 in 1 UA should be the standard for a long time.

Yeah. I said “Suppose that UA were released before halo”…

How can it be possible? The client does not know your post orchard pool address since you don’t have one yet. It can regenerate one but that’s a new UA: Same format but new content.

Right, but this is like saying “it’s future proof for a long time”. For me, future proof means “good as long as zcash exists” not “good as long as it remains the same”.

The fact that there is so much confusion around this feature is not a good sign. “Universal” comes with some expectations. I’m afraid this expectations aren’t going to be met and it will lead to disappointment from users. I think they should have called it “address card” because it sounds like a “business card”.

A business card contains several contact info, i.e. home phone, work phone, email, fax, etc. A person who wants to reach you will chose the best method based on what technology he has available. It’s pretty much the same with the UA.


This is very interesting. Zcash is always improving and implementing cryptography with secure, professional-grade code.

How does this effect Sprout coins?