Zcash wallet on ubuntu 16.04

hi everybody
i installed ubuntu 16.04on my computer and tried to install zcash wallet which made me mad
i’m used to work with windows os and would like to switch to ubuntu
can anyone send me the tutorial please
many thanks

do you mean the GUI wallet by @vaklinov that’s here:

If so, what part of the installation are you having trouble with?

thank you for your reply
i have trouble with the part 3 no way to find the zcash file where i put the executable file

did you build zcash from source code or install the binary debian package?

from source code foloowed all the instructions

if you don’t mind i restart all the proces thi evening ad let you know even by teamviewer

ok, what might help at this point is to build and install the binary package from the source build you already did:

cd ~/zcash/
sudo dpkg -i zcash-1.0.4-amd64.deb

That should get you past step 3, and then you can just double-click the wallet’s jar file

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no way my friend
i can give you my teamviewer if you have time to do it
it made me mad