Debian packages for the Swing UI Wallet


If the developer of the Swing UI wallet were to provide Debian/Ubuntu packages, would the ZCash project agree host them in their official repo? That way a new user could get started much faster.

The github discussion on this topic:

tl;dr - it’s a chicken and egg situation at the moment

P.S. I’m offering a 2 ZEC bounty for anyone willing to build such packages :wink:

You would likely get a faster answer from the devs to this question on the Rocket chat. in channel zcash-dev

Quick update on this - @vaklinov implemented building of .deb packages for Ubuntu on his branch. Unfortunately due to the work on the integrated OSX wallet that branch is now hopelessly out of sync with mine. I’m posting this to judge if there is any interest in such packages and whether I should spend the time and effort to get the branches in sync.

So, um, yeah, if you are on Ubuntu/Debian and want to have the UI packaged for your system do speak up :slight_smile: