Zcash WIF prefixes

Hey guys.
I need to know a WIF prefix to generate “Z” address.

For example, “1cb8” is a valid prefix which allows to generate a “T” address in mainnet whereas “1d25” is a valid prefix which allows to generate a “T” address in testnet (zcash/chainparams.cpp at master · zcash/zcash · GitHub).

Could you please tell me the prefixes for generating “Z” address? I need a prefix for a pubkey address and a script address (p2sh).

Zcash prefixes detailed here: Introduce distinct address encoding prefixes. · Issue #812 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

This issue has a list of established leading symbols but it does not describe any prefixes which can be used to generate an address with this leading symbols.

There is no such thing as a P2PKH or P2SH z-address. P2PKH and P2SH are specific to the Bitcoin scripting system that Zcash inherited and uses as “transparent addresses”.

“z-addresses” refer to Zcash addresses starting with a z, indicating they are shielded. What you are after are the address encodings for Sapling shielded addresses. These are encoded using Bech32, not Base58Check with WIF prefixes. You can find all of Zcash’s address encodings and prefixes documented in the Zcash protocol spec here. For Sapling addresses, the Bech32 human-readable prefix is zs on mainnet, and ztestsapling on testnet.