What are the WIF prefix values for ZEC private keys and addresses?

I’m just grabbing the github zip but if anyone can comment, that’d probably be faster. btw I’m interested in mainnet and testnet prefixes…

Judging by the testnet addresses I’ve converted back to hexadecimal, zerocoind and bitcoind are using the same WIF header bytes.

This page has a short list of WIF header bytes used by some other coins - coininfo - Crypto Currency Specific Information - CryptoCoinJS

This will likely change before 1.0. Protected (i.e. zero-knowledge) addresses will probably start with ‘z’.

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The relevant issue ticket is Introduce distinct address encoding prefixes. · Issue #812 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

Rechecking weeks later…

Currently, it seems that ZCash private keys have a WIF prefix of 0xef (which corresponds to an interesting character - ï ) and the public addresses have a WIF prefix of 0x6f (which corresponds to ascii o ).