Zcash WooCommerce Payment Gateway - Open source with no middleman

We are dedicated to bringing trustless crypto E-commerce to the mainstream. We have just released an open source WooCommerce payment gateway allowing you to accept crypto payments to your own wallet(s).

Nothing is required to use the plugin besides controlling your own wallet addresses. We have no servers you punchout to that run proprietary (closed source) code. No fees, No passwords, No usernames, No API keys, No middleman.

We built it for ourselves and thought it would help increase adoption, so we are providing the core product at no cost.

We will soon support Zcash Master Public Keys (stored only on your server, we have no knowledge of any transactions) which will generate a unique address for each customer order. Leveraging MPKs increases not only privacy but enables automated order processing without a middleman, one reason we see ZEC as a leader of trustless internet commerce.

Read more about us and the payment gateway at https://nomiddlemancrypto.io