Zcashd issues

Hello, I have zcadsh 2.1.2-3, and it’s been downloading blocks for three days even though I use employee monitoring systems. Sometimes it stops by itself, and I have to rerun it. I noticed zcashd only uses 1 CPU while downloading blocks. I have 24 GB of RAM and 12 Core. How can I make zcashd to use more CPUs?

p.s. i dont have very good English, sorry

You are using a very out-of-date version of zcashd, which will not connect correctly to the current network (it may download old blocks, but will stall when trying to download post-Heartwood blocks). You should upgrade to zcashd v4.2.0 which was released earlier this week: Zcash Full Node and CLI — Zcash Documentation 5.2.0 documentation

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thanks, I updated to the latest version and now everything works well, I hope there will be no more crashes!