Zcashd v5.1.0 wallet.cpp:4422 ... Assertion 'uResutlHeight = rewindHeight' failed

Hi guys!

I installed zcashd v5.1.0 on Linux Debian and It synchronized to 98%, now I have this error message when I try to run it: "zcashd: wallet/wallet.cpp:4422: int CWallet::ScanForWallettransactions(CBLockIndex *, bool, bool): Assertion ‘uResutlHeight = rewindHeight’ failed.

Can someone help me?

Thanks, Ale


Thank you for the report. Is it possible to update to v5.2.0? This might require a -reindex otherwise to resolve.

Hi mdr0id!

How can I specify -reindex options? to zcashd or zcash-cli command?

Thanks, Ale

Please use: zcashd -reindex from command line. Please be aware this will cause the node to reindex, which will take quite a bit of time depending on your internet and machine resources.

After zcashd -reindex I have to download chain yet! No I have 0% chain… It’s horrible!!