Zcashers & Namada's RPGF Drop

Hi Zcashers,

I’m Awa and I contribute to Anoma and Namada. This is my first time posting in the Zcash community forum and it feels a bit odd because I attended Zcon0/1/3 – anyways, I’m excited to contribute to the Zcash community here!

You might’ve seen the news about the Namada RPGF Drop, which was launched yesterday.

One of the largest categories of Public Goods Builders who are eligible for the Namada RPGF Drop are the contributors to open-source in the Zcash ecosystem, for example:

  • The Zcash protocol
  • Zcash Improvement Proposals (ZIPs)
  • Primitives such as Pasta Curves
  • Cryptographic protocols like FROST or trusted setups
  • Wallets e.g. the ZEC Wallet
  • Tooling like explorers
  • Learning resources like ZEC Hub

The full list of repositories is under Tab 1 in this sheet.

Meanwhile, we continue to explore mechanisms and specifics for a transparent/shielded airdrop to ZEC holders. Feedback is really welcome and appreciated!

The Namada protocol wouldn’t exist without the builders of public goods in the Zcash ecosystem – we’d be thrilled you see you join the network from the genesis block!

All the best,


The dapp worked like a charm. Congratulations and thanks to the Namada team for setting a positive precedent on crypto and open source.


oh hey, @ZecHub! congrats to all the community builders!


Thank you @awasunyin and everyone at Anoma/Namada
Well done for getting this far!
From their responses ZecHub contributors are really pleased :slight_smile:


how long to wait for airdrop for zcash holders

Thank you for setting this up. However, why does it need GitHub permission to act on my behalf? Isn’t getting my GitHub identity enough?


Do active Zcash forum (minority) thought leaders receive any airdrop?


There are 11 days left until the girl’s claim, has anyone decided what the eligibility process for zec holders will be like? It would be cool to have this down to make articles and tutorials for community members, they are eager for the information



Thanks. That’s terrible UI by GitHub. I can’t possibly claim this

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Actually the RPGF Drop Github app is requesting read-only access.

I also find the message “Act on your behalf” really scary, the issue is that this is the default message displayed in cases where the App doesn’t request for any permissions. Other developers of GitHub apps are also having the same concern, as discussed in this thread in the GitHub community.

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I’ve brainstormed more ways in which we could include the Zcash community in the current RPGF Drop. Some ideas that popped up included users of the Zcash community forum or Cypherpunk Zero.

We couldn’t fit it all this time, as we were working with very short timelines – but I took a lot of notes in the process and I hope we can include a way bigger part of the Zcash community if there’s a program like this in the future.

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The UI/UX for ZEC holders can be more intricate, specially shielded ZEC where we have to make sure that the protocol under the hood or the process for claiming is not hurting the privacy of Zcash users who want to receive the airdrop.

The good news is that launching things like the RPGF Drop have been great forcing functions to make progress in Namada’s end-user interface ecosystem. We hope to continue collaborating with teams in the Zcash ecosystem also on the UI/UX side of things of Zcash <> Namada.

Once those are live, it’d be really cool to see tutorials made by the community like yourself!

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Thanks. The thing I was missing is that if it were requesting access for something it would be listed in the security prompt. Really terrible UI by GitHub.

I understand, well we will be waiting, with the namada announcing this a while ago the whole community was excited, I will be here following you so I can do this

Looks like Namada is working towards mainnet:


If anyone has experience running a validator/staking on a chain like Namada please DM me.

I like to support networks like Namada that advocate for privacy and want to support Zcash. Pay it forward.


de we, the zcash community still believe that we will get an airdrop?

Right now there is no mechanism to prove to Namada that you hold private ZEC for them to allocate an airdrop.

But that may change with projects like hanhs proof of balance.

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so no airdrop for Zcash holders :disappointed_relieved:

after these brutal market conditions, this was actually something that i was looking for, zashers getting rekt from all directions.