Zcashers & Namada's RPGF Drop

what if we can get at least an airdrop for transparent ZEC holders? @awasunyin

Hi, just to clarify here - we are actively working on the Zcash airdrop code! It will take some time as we want to make sure that the protocol we’re implementing will preserve the privacy of Zcashers, preserve the integrity of both Zcash and Namada, and be easy and safe to use. Our proposal for the Namada genesis includes a specific dedicated allocation for a future Zcash airdrop - you can expect more communications on this soon. This is the first shielded ZEC airdrop in history - as far as I’m aware - and we want to get it right, keep people safe, and set a good precedent. This will take time and patience.


you just made my day @cwgoes

last question if you don’t mind asking. i am holding most of my ZEC on a ledger, since they don’t support shielded tokens yet i just keep a small amount of ZEC in the shielded pool for my few transactions each month.

will transparent ZEC holders like me with my ledger also receive an airdrop?


Yes, we plan to airdrop to both transparent ZEC and (almost all) shielded ZEC - perhaps not the Sprout pool, and we still need to figure out how to do Orchard (which was recently relicensed, so should now be possible at least from a legal perspective).


thanks for taking the time to keep us informed @cwgoes

good luck to you and the rest of the team for launching the namada mainnet.


Will (is) your team be working with major CEXes like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, et al, to create assurances for Zcashers to receive their Namada airdrop?

More than 90% of all ZEC are transparent, and probably 90% of that 90% are custodied on CEXes, so for the airdrop to be inclusive there has got to be CEX participation.

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Did you watch hanh’s latest demo? Pretty novel, might work for this, idk


We will provide reasonable amounts of technical support for any (credible, legally operating, pleasant to work with) interested third party who would like to integrate the shielded airdrop into their product, service, wallet, etc. The actions specific parties choose to take and integrations they choose to support are up to them.


Thanks, I was asking this more along the lines of “Are you reaching out to CEXes to advocate for them to support the airdrop?” (or will you be waiting to hear from them).

Typically if someone wants to claim an airdrop they have to sign a transaction from their own wallet to prove they own a certain amount of coins.

Some exchanges do support it though, I recall Coinbase supporting the Spark airdrop if you held XRP. Would be up to the exchange if they want to put up the resources (time) to making it happen (hello, Gemini, Winklevoss Twins? :wink:)

I’m curious, @cwgoes if you know how much NAM stake it will take to run a Validator?


We will not specifically advocate for anything, I don’t think we’d be the right participants to do that - we view ourselves as serving the Zcash community, not guiding anyone else in any particular direction - and as developers of the Namada network, I think it’s best for us to err on the side of neutrality in any decisions concerning it. We will, however, provide lots of libraries and documentation to make integrations easy. I imagine that such network participants and service operators care far more about what Zcashers want than what we do anyways - so I encourage you to reach out to them if you want!

Not yet, that will be more a function of what happens once the network launches.


Ok, cool, I’ll keep my eyes open for the upcoming launch.

Thanks again for supporting Zcash! :zcash:


A few months ago Cypherpunk Zero NFT was being considered as one way to allocate NAM tokens to the Zcash Community → Zcashers & Namada's RPGF Drop - #12 by awasunyin .

It was pretty cool to see Bad Kids NFT included in the RPGF drop.

If we were to launch a collection on Cosmos with the intention of also shielding themUpload and instantiate ICS721 contract - #2 by Gavin - General - Namada would you still be interested in doing so?


It’s always possible, but I can’t commit to anything like that at this time - and it can create weird incentives to commit to airdrops in advance, we don’t want anyone to do anything solely in the hope of receiving an airdrop. Beyond the (completed) RPGFDrop, which included a bunch of Zcash repositories, and the upcoming shielded airdrop discussed here, Namada will also have other distribution mechanisms post-launch - such as public goods funding - which may be of interest to Zcashers.


Also! @camofu from our end just dropped a technical update on our airdrop protocol and implementation and a request for technical feedback in this forum thread. Take a look if you’re interested!


awesome! tbh, i did not expect that you were that close :star_struck:

have you and the rest of the team already decided on how many tokens will get distributed to ZEC holders? if you can not comment on that yet, no problem. I just thought that this could motivate a few developers that are holding ZEC and might help to get them on your github.

Just to set expectations here - I don’t think that we are close. We started by designing and prototyping the most intricate / difficult-to-get-right part of the protocol - that’s the part which is described and implemented in the GitHub repository - but there’s a lot of work remaining to actually build integrations into the Namada state machine, libraries for Zcash wallets, and end-to-end test examples. This protocol also only works for Sapling, we haven’t investigated Orchard in detail yet.

We want to get feedback from the Zcash community on this part of the protocol - since it relates specifically to questions previously asked by Zcash community members relating to privacy, integrity, risks, etc. - before moving forward with other implementation work which depends on some of these design decisions, since otherwise we might have to backtrack if Zcashers have concerns which we didn’t consider early enough.

Regarding your question - further communications regarding the Namada genesis block proposal will be forthcoming soon.


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll work with the exchanges to get as much commitment as possible.

Are you able to share which among the largest exchanges will be launching Namada trading markets? (I’m thinking that our efforts are best focused with exchanges that plan to provide Namada token markets firstly. If for example, you already know that Coinbase will open Namada token markets, then they’d be a good first start in our appeal for airdrop support)

I don’t have any privileged information there - but we will make sure to provide ample time in between finalization of all the airdrop logic and the actual claim period for any interested service providers to integrate support.

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