Zcashs Proof of Work: does it affect Market Value?

I’m opening this topic specifically because there seems to be a disagreement about if the choice of Proof of Work has any impact on the value of Zcash.

I will be moving discussion from other threads here.

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By that logic if ASICs destroy a coins market value then since Monero is semi-ASIC resistant the market value should be skyrocketing. Is it?

I personally think ASICs are bad for the network because they centralize coin distribution to fewer people in the community, but I have yet to see any direct evidence between a coins value and if it’s POW is ASIC resistant or not.

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i think we will see the impact of that decision.

but we can compare ZEC value versus big GPU friendly coin value, since ZEC asics step in.

Well one would be the inflation problem Zec has… And 2 to be honest with you i really don’t know but you cannot completely blame ASICs for zecs price… BTC is an ASIC only coin its almost back to 4000 dollars is that a very far cry from what it was back in 2017? yes of course it is but that was proven to be fudged value of it by manipulation. Zec will come back again when? I have no clue but this coin is EXTREMELY undervalued in its current price point…


guys, you need to take deep breath, and just open your eyes.

in july 2018, xmr was roughly 0.02, zec was 0.027.

now they are even.

in july 2018, BTG was roughly 0.004, zec was 0.027.

now BTG roughly 0.0032 (lost 20%), zec 0.012 (more than 50% gone…).

just face reality.

the problem is only one. and ive written completely same thing, just when i registered.

you are basically giving full control of the network to people with huge advantage, in terms of hardware cost, hardware availability, electricity costs, operating costs etc.

but the most horrible thing is that you promised this network to be asic resistant.
and many many people fall into this promise.

In July 25 2018
BTC Value was $8,200.00
XMR Value was 141.00
ZEC Value was 215.00

Face reality and accept that ASIC’s in Zcash has nothing to do with the pricing, it is the market. I truly do not understand…
XMR is ASIC resistant why isn’t it at July 2018 levels… @NEC there are ZERO coins, not a single one at July 2018 levels!

You seem smart and educated but either you are on repeat because you are blind to logic or reason or you are doing it on purpose to cause issues


ASIC or GPU what does it truly matter? Anyone with enough money can control hash either by buying a bunch of ASICs or starting a massive GPU farm for said coin… When it boils down to it honestly does not matter… Yeah i have ASICs 9 Z9’s and im more than happy with them… They give me a decent hashrate they dont take up as much space as my GPU rigs did and its easier to manage cooling of 9 ASICS than it was to manage 100+ GPU’s… Im sorry but I do not believe asics have caused the fall in ZECs price what so ever unless its just people dumping coin each month to cover electrical costs…



two asic miners do not believe that asics driving price down.

guys, market suggests, that it’s asic miners, mostly in china, who are constantly selling.

because obviously mining will level out. that means if you are suddenly spending 10 times less energy creating one zec, the price could not handle such offset versus other currencies.

the value of zec created by gpu is ten times bigger than value of zec mined by asic.

what happened when dev’s let asics in?

what did you expect?

the market basically inflated with coins mined at low cost, by people who couldn’t care less other than ROI, other than reinvesting profit in perspective assets that will grow in price.

zcash ecosystem is used as a source. money sucked out. holders are much less than sellers.

and you do not see any issue with this, because you payed bitmain, and enjoying profits.

well, you are just a part of the problem, in my opinion.

Explain the price Drop on ALL coins from July 2018 to now on all coins that are ASIC resistant.
Explain how since they all have a lower btc to coin value and are on GPU compared to Zcash

Need help?? Here is a small list of coins just on EquiHash

Asic resistant projects/coins on equihash:

  • BitcoinZ / BTCZ => algo 144_5, since June 16th asic resistant again
  • Bitcoin Gold / BTG => Fork 1. July, new PoW: Equihash-BTG 144,5 with BTG-specific Personalization
  • LitecoinZ / LTZ => Soft Fork (21/22 June), now [n=144, k=5] parameters
  • Safecoin / SAFE => forked (19-20 June), 144,5
  • Zero / ZER => claims allready being asic resistant / Equi 192,7
  • SCASH/SCASH => Equi 192,7
  • Aion / Aion => Equihash 210_9 (double memory needed!), moves to PoI Proof of Intelligence
  • SnowGem / XSG => forked, Equihash 144,5
  • ZELcash / ZEL => Equihash 144,5 at Block: 125,110
  • Bitcoin Interest / BCI => moved to ProgPoW ethash
  • BZEdge / BZE => Fork of BitcoinZ, Equihash144
  • Minexcoin / MNX => Equihash 96,5, they call this algo MARS
  • ANON / ANON => Equihash 144,5
  • Genesis / GNX => Equihash 192,7
  • Bitcoin Candy / CDY => Equihash 144,5
  • Hepta Coin / HEPTA => Equihash 144,5
  • Zero Classic / ZERC => Equihash 192,7
  • Bithereum / BTH => Equihash 144,5
  • Beam / ??? => Equihash 150,5 with additional data path change, Privacy coin, launch 3rd January 2019
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guys, you probably misunderstood something.

all coins lost value since july 18’, about 30-50%, but zcash lost more than that.

since asics allowed.

imo they inflate market with cheaply mined zec. sellers make huge profits selling even at this price…

before asics, zcash hold it’s value actually better compared to others.

No, nothing was missed… most of your posts literally say that the reason and ONLY reason that the the value of Zcash has dropped is because of ASIC’s.
Not the market, not this not that. ASIC
That if Zcash stayed GPU only that the price would that of the golden age…

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I didn’t know that the market price is dictated by the consensus and POW hardware used …

Seems demand, supply, inflation, liquidity and whatever else is just for fashion a coin :rofl:

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@nec You are aware that the exact same amount of Zcash that is mined with ASIC’s (for the last 12 months) would be the exact same amount if it was by GPU or CPU.

I would give my opinion that if it was still GPU based and with the exact same market, the value of Zcash would be a lot lower than what it is now since mining with GPU’s is 15x to 30x more expensive and the coins would have been sold at a greater frequency to pay for electricity.

so you argue that price has correlation with the type of hardware used?

you really can’t understand the difference in value between 1 zec mined with gpu and 1 zec mined with asic?

wakes up, has the idea that a time machine brought him back 1 year …

I get what you are saying Nec, Asic owners sell a lot more and quicker then GPU miners would, what we will never know, what would the big GPU farms do now ?
It could be price driven, A large farm saw the price decline ( and now we have asic resistance and no asics, just picture that ) First of all al my GPU would be driven out, my price per KWH is to high.
The bigger GPU farm sees a price no longer rising, but declining, instead of holding and selling at higher prices ( the system you think is GPU driven ) they sell right away, that is in my opinion the current state of the market, Zec get dumped to make at least a little. I think the large GPU farms would do the same atm, trying to get at least a little profit, so they would sell too all day long.

But he, just my 0.4536287293 zec

im more fascinated how people who bought asics themselves can’t see where depreceation coming from. they blame mystical inflation out of nowhere and “other serious reasons”…
only not asics.
ignoring the fact that it is clear as a day on the charts.
the impact of this horrible decision not to fork coin which supposed to be asic-resistant.

After 9 months of ASICs, we lost more value than others.

I humbly propose to discuss the benefits of asic mining.

What are the pros?

Is there anything positive that asics give to ZCASH?

no No NO … again saying things that are just not true

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how much BTG lost since july 2018?

please tell me.

i will answer.

BTG since july 2018 lost about 27%.

ZEC since july 2018 lost about 50%.

Before asics (july) it was other way around.

BTG lost value muuuch quicker than ZEC.

If you still can not see the impact of asics, just ignore my posts and move on. I suggest reading books.