ZCG Communication Guidelines

Zcash Community Grants (ZCG) values open communication and collaboration, and strongly encourages community members to provide feedback on grant proposals and ongoing projects. The committee views community sentiment as an important factor in its decision-making process. However, we also recognize the importance of maintaining a constructive and respectful environment when offering feedback. If you don’t like a proposal or have questions about an ongoing project, please let us know, but do so in a manner that balances criticism with encouragement, support, and helpful suggestions on how to make the issue better.

We have established a set of communication guidelines to help ensure community members are able to provide helpful and constructive feedback on grant proposals and ongoing projects. These guidelines are designed to promote a positive and collaborative environment and help current and prospective grant recipients achieve greater success.

We encourage all members of our community to review and follow these guidelines when providing feedback on grant proposals or ongoing projects. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to make the forum a welcoming place for ZCG applicants and current grant recipients.

Here are a few helpful tips for how to provide constructive feedback:

  1. Be specific with suggestions: When providing feedback, it’s important to be specific and focused on the particular issue you want to address. This helps to avoid confusion and helps ensure that your feedback is more easily understood.

  2. Use clear language: Use clear, concise language that is easy to understand. Avoid using technical terms or jargon that the applicant may not be familiar with.

  3. Keep it positive: Focus on the positive aspects of the proposal or project and offer constructive feedback that is meant to help improve their idea. Please avoid personal attacks or negative comments, which can damage the relationship between the applicant and Zcash community.

  4. Be empathetic: Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are providing feedback to. This helps you to understand their perspective and also shows that you care about their experience and feelings.

  5. Provide examples: If possible, use examples to illustrate your points. This makes it easier for the recipient to understand your feedback and what you are trying to say.

  6. Be respectful: Please always be respectful and professional when providing feedback to current and prospective grantees. This helps to create a positive environment for discussion and encourages open communication.

  7. Consider reaching out to ZCG privately: Not everything has to be said in public. If you have questions or concerns about a grant application or current grant recipient, consider reaching out to ZCG via DM at @ZcashGrants. We’ll do our part to ensure the issue is addressed.

Thank you,

Zcash Community Grants




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Hello Zcash community grants
I just finished filling the Zcash proposal form
Where do I click to share it here please?

@BaaniBenjamin Select “New Topic” in the upper right of the home page. For category, select “Community Grants - Applications.” Then copy/paste your proposal from Submittable.

I am not finding the new topic button here please

@decentralistdan @Dodger Are you able to manually raise @BaaniBenjamin’s trust level so that they can post their grant proposal to the forum? Here’s the link on Submittable:

@aquietinvestor I raised their trust level earlier today.

@BaaniBenjamin You need to go to the forum Home Page. It should look like this:

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Thank you for the support
I am able to share it here now

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I do seem to be able to submit my grant proposal.

@Dodger @decentralistdan

Can you please raise @mah3006’s trust level so that they can post their grant proposal to a separate thread? @mah3006 has been in close contact with @pacu and me related to a golang parser for Zcash addresses.


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:white_check_mark:, should be good to go

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I recently published a set of libraries and wanted to post a link on discord so folks could review them, however the link to discord on this sight is expired. Can someone help?

Here’s the link to the Zcash R&D Discord:Zcash R&D