ZChain amount differs from total recv'd transactions

The ZChain amount on my account doesn’t match up with the total transactions.

My transparent balance is 0.44… but if I scroll down the page and total up all the transactions to my t-address its only 0.36… my wallet also says 0.36… I’m new to mining so I might be missing something obvious but where is that last 0.08?


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Also I see Txns Received 39 on zchain but only 32 transactions totaling the list below as well as counting in the gui wallet transactions. I also see Txns Sent 0 in zchain which I would expect.

Yes, I noticed the same thing within the last 24 hours.

I’ve also noticed that every time I receive any amount, say .1 Zec to my wallet, the block explorer doubles it to .2
Completely different totals now. Anyone know why or what is causing this? Thanks

@mrplow This is a ZChain-specific issue; looking into it, sorry for the confusion. Your wallet balance is correct.

Thanks @lustro. That answers my question.

@mrplow This should be rectified; please let me know if you discover any other discrepancies.

Yup, all good thanks!

Looking good - thank you for getting on top of that bug.

Guys I am also having the same issue, I am new at mining and I am using the ZCash Linux Base Wallet.

When I perfom a getBalance I get something like 0.6 but when I check my wallet on ZCash Chain I see my balance 2.9 (which makes total sense).

Am I missing something? I want to send my ZCash to other wallet but I am confused.