Balance discrepancy in wallet&blockchain

I have been mining on flypool for a few months. From, with my t-address I see that my wallet has a balance of 5. But when I use zcash-cli getbalance myaddress, it gives me only 1.4.

5 should be the right number. But why it only shows 1.4 in my local machine?

Many thanks in advance

For those that are going to help, more information is needed.

wallet you are using

and which is it… you have 5 zec in your wallet or you have 1.4 and you believe you should have 5

Thank you for your replying.

I think I havefigured out what is going on. The software is deprecated as of block height 193076. All transactions after this height will not be validated. That is why my local wallet has a different balance than what I see online.

I am updating the software…