Zclassic / Hush / Komodo etc

with so many coins leveraging the great work done by the zcash team and zksnarks is there anyone else that thinks the zkstarks stuff should be secured to zec a little tighter somehow?
I just raise this after looking on coingecko and seeing zclassic taking a huge jump and now being worth ~25% of ZEC.
maybe a zero knowledge proof of implementation to zec, thus allowing others to see the code but not use it… well without licencing it anyway…

I’m gonna go on a bit of a philosophical rant here, @zooko, chime in if I get off base and mis-represent your/ZcashCo’s views, as of course I am just a free-floating indie developer, albeit one who has gotten funding from the Zcash Foundation…

The source code for zcash itself is very deliberately licensed under a “permissive” open source license. They WANT the technology to proliferate and evolve. zksnarks are such a revolutionary technology, and the capacity of any one blockchain is so constrained, that who knows what the end game will look like if zcash and friends eventually gain mainstream popularity?

This is part of why I work on not just zcash but other coins in the “zksnark ecosystem”, as I like to think of it, and help teams port code from up and downstream between coinz.

Well and also the bounties :slight_smile:

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ZK-STARK proofs are currently 1000x the size of current ZK-SNARK proofs, its gonna be a while.
Edit- see zcash gets a mention, no 199 thru 204

Sorry what i mean was the sapling upgrade performance changes not zk starks.
I mean happy to let them have the old slow method :slight_smile: