Zcon0 Mining Workshop - we need your questions!


There will be a 2 hour panel discussion / workshop on mining at the Zcon0 conference [schedule] taking place on Tuesday June 26th.

What questions would you like to ask the panel and the audience who are attending the workshop? I don’t know who exactly is confirmed to be on the panel, but my understanding is that there should be some folk involved directly in the mining space.

Please post your question here (ASICs, mining pools, payouts, equipment etc). with any supporting data/graphs if applicable, and @daira and myself whom will be moderating the workshop, will do our best to get your questions answered!



If there is anyone who can shed light on the three new major mining addresses:


Together 2 of the new mining addresses have more hashpower than Flypool, and if they are the same person/group then they have way more than 50% of the network. We have no way to know if they are several groups or one big farm that hasn’t publicly identified themselves and is purposely mining to different addresses to hide the hashrate among thier addresses.

I don’t really care if it is one group or several but it would be nice to have a name for them and know where they stand with regards to the upcoming forks.


Will there be a algo switch to let’s say 144.5 ?

Is there going to be some kind of relationship to Asic manufacturers ? ( As in some will be supported and others will be not )

Will there be an investigation into mobile mining ( could be like Electronium, so not really mining but more an airdrop ) to widen the communitie that way, since almost the whole world has a mobile phone.


Please take a look , the 50Kh/S miner has already been on the market in China.


Does ASIC resistant means something to ZEC?
Why you chose ASIC’s over GPU’s?
Where is your privacy and decentralization, while more than 50% of the network controlled by 3-5 ASIC farms? (see data in posts above)

No sign of ASIC rejection so far from ZcashCo or even foundation, and GPU miner rapidly ‘migrating’ somewhere else feeling ‘betrayed’. If at the end GPU miner totally gone and it is finally proven that ASIC has a lot bad side revealed, what will ZcashCo do? Kick them out and asking GPU miner back? or just let ASIC do whatever they want since it is too late?

Any chance this workshop will be streamed/posted?

My understanding of how all the Zcon0 workshops will be conducted is that they will not be streamed or recorded, to encourage open discussion from the panel and the audience, and then a summary of the key points from each workshop will be made available.

That makes sense - people do tend to freeze up in front of a camera.

Sustainability after all 21 million coins are in circulation.

I agree with what everyone is saying here but it should be of more concern to ZcashCo. With the loss of the distributed network and consolidation into a the hands of a few, the large number of people doing the marketing(the GPU miners) and hyping Zcash will be gone. They will not only be gone but pissed about the company going against them and breaking their promise. They will trash talk Zcash to everyone else.

It appears the the people at ZcashCo are techies and not business people. They are pissing on their base and that will cause this coin to fail. I doubt this coin will be worth much in the future because it doesn’t have special features that othe coins don’t offer in one form or the other. Privacy is best with Monero.

The GPU miners who have spent millions on infrastructure are leaving and being replaced by ASICs. Now the ASICs are spending money. It past the point that ZcashCo can change direction without pissing off a bunch of people.


How long does it take until ZCash will appear somehow in the TV Series Silicon Valley? Just a hint.