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Zcon0 was our first annual conference, and it went incredibly well. We spent June 26 – 28 in beautiful Montréal, where we were blessed with sunshine and warm weather. It was wonderful to have so many members of the Zcash community together in one place, including developers from different projects such as Ethereum, Monero, ZenCash, Siacoin, and the Coda Protocol.

We were especially thrilled to announce our inaugural Privacy Guardian Award, which we bestowed on pseudonymous community member mineZcash. This person exemplifies the Foundation’s values and their presence is a boon to the community.

The Foundation extends its thanks to everyone who helped make the event happen: Paige and Ryan from the Zcash Company, the many speakers and workshop leaders, the in•clued team, and staff from the venue. Of course, heaps of credit go to our own Operations Director Antonie Hodge, who was the primary organizer and made everything run smoothly.

“Excited to be at #zcon0 and great to see the Zcash community’s strong and consistent commitment to security and privacy.” — Vitalik Buterin


All the talks are available to watch in a playlist on YouTube. You might be interested in…

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

The workshops were bound by the Chatham House Rule and therefore not filmed, but Richard Littauer assembled everyone’s notes in a GitHub repo.

Additional resources that speakers and workshop leaders shared:

Outside Coverage

The Zero Knowledge podcast dedicated an episode to covering Zcon0, including interviews with attendees and speakers. CoinDesk reporter Rachel O’Leary covered the conference in a series of articles:

Additionally, Alejandro Machado recapped the governance keynote in a Twitter thread, Lucas Vogelsang blogged about “The State of ZApps,” and Alexis Gauba asserted that “Cypherpunk is Not Dead” (we agree).


In a post-Zcon0 workshop, we collected suggestions of what we could improve next time:

  • Allow speaker Q&A instead of pushing all questions to the workshops
  • Give workshop leaders more clarity about the format in advance
  • Announce and explain the Chatham House Rule to all attendees
  • Let the workshop leaders project a computer screen or even slides
  • Tinker with the workshop summary format so that the knowledge needed for each one builds on the previous section
  • Break workshops into separate rooms
  • Have a clear Schelling point for social discussion and after-event planning
  • Consider having lightning talks
  • Account for displaying slides in the livestream
  • Print the nametags on both sides
  • Give journalists a clearly marked badge
  • Facilitate student attendees to connect with each other
  • Make sure beginners feel welcome and accommodated

That’s a wrap. Thank you again to everyone who participated in Zcon0! Here’s to another fantastic conference next year.


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