Zcon3: Call for Speakers

After the success of Zcon2 Lite, our first fully-virtual conference, we are happy to announce that Zcon3 will be held in late June 2022 and will be virtual, with the possibility of an in-person component.

If you are interested in speaking/presenting/leading a workshop at Zcon3, virtually, in-person, or either, please fill out this RFP form. The deadline to submit is February 14, 2022.


Do we have any info on what the “in-person” component would look like?


Not yet. Safety and accessibility are our two main concerns so we are going to continue monitoring the global situation and then make decisions within the timeframes dictated by the venues we’re considering in Toronto. So far the venues have been very cooperative and hopefully that continues so our options stay open. We’ll share updated information as it becomes official.