Zcon3 Thread

Starting Tomorrow, join us for 3 days of sessions with experts on #Zcash, privacy, governance & more! Check out the program here: https://zfnd.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Zcon3-Final-Program.pdf

Join the Discord (Zcon3) to interact before, during, and after the conference, & follow our updated Youtube link for the livestream.


I will be posting Zcon3 videos in this thread periodically going forward. As well as shorter clips of some of the talks on the ZF Twitter. Thank you to all the in person + virtual attendees as well as a big shoutout to @37L + @ryan.taylor for their amazing work on the livestream and other A/V needs at Zcon3!

First up:

“Zcon3: Code alone doesn’t cut it!” Opening Address by @Dodger


“Protecting Civil Liberties With Privacy-Enhancing Technology” - Kurt Opsahl of EFF

Slides: Kurt Opsahl Slides for ZCon.pdf - Google Drive