./zcutil/fetch-params.sh - used to actually do something

perhaps i’m missing something - running this used to actually download files, now it just kinda says nothing. is that normal? i’ve been running for 3 hours without a found block and wondering if this has something to do with it.

I used rc4 yesterday and seem to recall a long download. Today, using that command, it just printed back: Zcash - fetch-params.sh

Don’t have an answer for you myself, but I’m also curious if perhaps we already got the new parameters yesterday so there was no need to redownload them today. When did you last fetch parameters?

You can force the script to re-download params if you delete the directory ~/.zcash-params.

I did this a couple of hours ago, and the files that it re-downloaded using fetch-params.sh were identical to the files that I backed up before deletion. So maybe it’s not necessary.

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Where did you find fetch-params.sh in?


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i got them yesterday as well, i looked at the file itself and it looks like it won’t grab new ones if the ones that match are already there. so perhaps it just used the ones from rc4?