Zeal Call Feedback - how can we improve?

Hello Zcashers.

We started Zeal calls in January. Zeal calls are monthly community meetings for Zcash. I would love your feedback on Zeal calls and ways to improve your experience. If you have registered for a Zeal call, you will also receive this survey via email.

Please complete this brief survey (6 questions, 5 mins) to share your experience. I am collecting responses for the next 10 days. I will close the survey on Friday, April 24th.

I am using Blocksurvey, a privacy-focused alternative to Google forms.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts!


I checked, they don’t have any Zebras :rofl:


Goat2Meetings - what a solid idea!

Hi everyone, thank you for sharing your feedback with me. The feedback from the Zeal calls was generally positive. I found several actionable ways to improve the experience going forward.

Starting in May,

  • I will update the Zoom meeting settings to make it easier for participants to ask questions.
  • I will experiment with Jitsi and Whereby and report back to the group
  • For more developer-related updates, check out the Zcash Gardening Club.

Later this quarter, we are working on setting up a community calendar so that you can see all Zcash related events in one place.

Don’t forget April’s Zeal call is next Tuesday, 4/28. See you there!