Sunsetting Zeal Calls

Zeal calls are taking a break for June and July as we reimagine the format, content and objective of these community gatherings. We would love your feedback on what to change, what to keep and how to improve these calls going forward. Please feel to drop your comments in this thread or DM me directly.

All previous Zeal calls are available on ECC’s youtube channel.

There are still plenty of opportunities to join the conversation and meet the Zcash community. Gardening Club and Arborist calls are still happening. ZCon2 Lite kicks off this week. We’ll post additional events as they are scheduled so stay tuned!


Last week, ECC evaluated Zeal Calls and Gardening Club and discussed how we might improve them.

Background: Zeal calls and Gardening club represent over 50% of the new content added to ECC’s Youtube channel in the last 2 years, with over 6,300 total views.


  • The objective of Zeal calls is loosely to reach different audiences and discuss privacy across a variety of contexts beyond cryptocurrencies. Guests from 2021 have included Julia Angwin of The Markup, Danny O’Brien of EFF, Kristen Smith of the Blockchain Association, Jay Graber of Bluesky and Yan Zhu of Brave.
  • The objective of Gardening Club is to build the Zcash open-source developer community by showcasing existing projects. Guests have included over 25 community developer projects.


  • Gardening Clubs have been relatively effective at reaching the stated objective. People at ECC viewed the calls as “necessary” and “extremely valuable.”
  • For Zeal calls, there are likely more effective ways to reach different audiences. This summer, ECC experimented with Twitter Spaces AMA with positive results. While we’ve enjoyed hosting these monthly touchpoints with the community, we’re sunsetting Zeal calls in favor of exploring different approaches to reach new audiences.

Next Steps:

  • ECC will continue with two community calls - the Arborist calls and Gardening Club.