Zebra-clad Zooko Wilcox gives the Zcash community a funding ultimatum

Hello everyone,
Zooko should do what his buddy (Investor) does: ask for more money :moneybag: Full Nodes | Validate Bitcoin Transactions | Bitcoin.com … seriously this is getting out of hand. Every blockchain that has not yet successfully made trust from developer, miners and build a community is doomed.This is the crux of the problem. Zooko needs to come to an agreement with the Zcash foundation about the plan for funding. Getting input from the community is fine, but there is no way you can expect them to make the choice as there is no governance mechanism.

NO Bitcoin has brought ZERO innovation into the space in the last four years. Altcoins have made more innovation in a year than BTC CORE will in their entire lifetime. The first ZCASH halving is coming in 10 months and you go and check every chart of every coin following a similar distribution method that BTC is following. The only innovation in BTC is BTC itself and the developers who are bringing us CRAPPY bugged lightning code which has already lost people money had nothing to do with that.

Its in the interest of exchanges for altcoins to exist and they are the ones that call the shots in this space. And as we can see its in the interest of the industry as well since you know they are the ones that bring innovation into the space…

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