Excited about Zcash


This has some potential am following with interest. It looks to have solid backing and Zooko is very talented (that's an understatement)


Also looking forward to Zcash! Looks promising!!
Good luck on developing guys!


Thank you for the kind words! I'm very excited too.


I believe Zcash provides a great opportunity for all those involved. There are many lessons that should have been learnt from other earlier attempts at solutions to the problems Zcash is looking to solve. So far everyone I have encountered has been more than polite and helpful, which only adds to my enthusiasm to contribute whatever I can to make it a success.


look promising and will be better than bitcoin in future :sunglasses:


it probably wont. but it could be a valuable addition to it. in the end there will be a handful of dominant blockchains, Zcash could be one of them.


This forum style, and, in turn, this platform kind of reminds me of a recent coin that I got burned on pretty badly. I don't want to state the name (rhymes with new), for sake of not bringing ill will. Looking through the team listing, it seems that it's not the case, but will someone who understands which coin I'm talking of, please tell me if anyone involved with that failed coin is involved with z cash.
If not, I would really be interested in getting involved with Z Cash. This looks remarkable and highly promising. Sorry if I've stirred anything up, I just would like to more of the background and history.
Thanks, and good luck. I am highly interested.


I don't know which coin you're referring to, but to my knowledge, none of the main Zcash developers have previously been involved with development of any other altcoins.


nice, i like this, +5% +5% +5% +5% +5%