Zebra instances fully participated in network upgrade activation!

The ZF team is super thrilled to announce that Zebra was ready & running before NU5 test net activation. It successfully validated the NU5 activation block & started verifying v5 transactions. This is the first Zcash network upgrade where Zebra instances fully participated in network upgrade activation, sharing blocks and transactions with other network nodes.

  • Zebra is validating most of the Zcash consensus rules
  • Zebra is validating some of the NU5 consensus rules
  • Zebra is fully participating in the Zcash network protocol
  • Zebra will be validating all the NU5 consensus rules before activation on mainnet

Stay tuned for more updates on Zebra as the ZF engineering team continues pushing this project forward.


:tada: That’s a big milestone indeed!

So if I now connect to Zcash testnet…


On the Zcash node network, nobody knows you’re a zebra.

(With apologies to Peter Steiner).


This is actually kind of ironic, because Zebra isn’t appearing in some seeders and blockchain explorers. And we’re not quite sure why.

We think it’s because our network protocol stack doesn’t quite meet their (undocumented) expectations:

But it should be easy to fix.



When I was looking for information about Zebra, I came across the news of 2019, that Parity released Zebra: Zebra, the New Consensus-Compatible Zcash Node Client – The Zcash Foundation

What happened next? It was false start or some errors were found?

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I can’t remember for sure but I think that they were unable to build it out, was a while ago now

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For more information you could start with this blog post, specifically the section “ A new architecture for Zebra” -

& a follow up post on this topic here -


Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for!