Zebra Beta Release

The Zcash Foundation is pleased to announce the beta release of its Zebra node implementation. This release is capable of participating in the Zcash network as a partially-validating node. It maintains a mempool, and relays both transactions and blocks to other nodes. This release represents a major step towards our goal of having Zebra act as a fully participating and validating node by the time NU5 activates early next year.

We rely on your feedback!

As a beta release, this version of Zebra has limited functionality, and is likely to have bugs and performance issues that will need to be resolved before it is ready for production use. However, we prefer to put our product in the hands of a technical audience sooner, rather than later, so that we can begin listening to your feedback and implementing it for the release of a more superior-quality final product.

Users can provide feedback by opening issues on the Zcash Foundation Github, or by writing to us on Twitter and here on the forum. We thank you in advance!

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