Zebra powered LightwalletD with Zecwallet Lite

I’m happy to announce that there is now an experimental Zebra powered LightwalletD available on mainnet at https://zebra-lwd.zecwallet.co:9067

Zebra is Zcash Foundation’s full node implementation, and can support a LightwalletD frontend. The LightwalletD at the above address is connected exclusively to a Zebra node (i.e., Zebra serves all its data)

This server is still experimental, so please be gentle with it :slight_smile:

If you want to try it, please use Zecwallet Lite v1.8.7, go to Wallet -> Server Info -> Switch LightwalletD Server

I want to thank the entire Zcash Foundation team - Who did an enormous amount of work to support the LightwalletD RPCs and fine tune performance. (And for building Zebra in the first place)

@teor @conradoz @dconnolly @fungai @Dodger