Zecwallet lite node server


as known Zecwallet lite uses external node server without Tor/VPN. Currently it’s https://lwdv3.zecwallet.co (changing to other one doesn’t work in GUI).

How can we trust this node? What information in general is sent to a node from client, especially for private and shielding/deshielding transactions?


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I could be wrong, but this thread was started on

You can take the time to research it and apply it to your situation.

Hi, actually my post was not about this bug, but about wallet-server communication in general.

@Moneta alternatively, open a New issue on github and get a full response from @adityapk00.

I’m not complying about the bug :slightly_smiling_face:, just asking how it works with any server.



Hi @Moneta , I believe what you are looking for is understanding what information is shared between the mobile client and the lightwalletd server.

Lightwalletd is basically a “headless” node that communicates with the client to share compact blocks (sync) and transaction information (send, receive).

More info here:




@sibnia, @hloo - thanks for links, I’m learning them!

Currently the only lightwalletd server zecwallet light uses is lwdv3.zecwallet.co, maintaining by Electric Coin Company. Did they do any claims about its security?