ZEC 🤝 Cosmos?

From the latest ECC article:

The possible use cases are as numerous as with any Defi system. One example might be the ability to purchase an NFT using shielded ZEC, allowing the purchaser privacy by shielding onlookers from prior transactions and ZEC holdings. Another example use case might be the ability to loan ZEC for yield where the originator of the loan remains private.

Does this mean ZEC is actively pursuing to become an IBC-compatible Cosmos Zone?

On a similar note, KEEP Network is soon launching a NuCypher collaborative solution for tBTC v2. Considering Matt’s @mhluongo past activity in here, is there a tZEC solution that’s actively being researched/built at the moment?


Good questions, I think @joshs may have more info about the Zcash + Cosmos cooperation.


We are evaluating it as a possibility. More on that soon.

As for tZEC, I believe it’s still on the radar, but to my knowledge, not actively being worked on.