ZEC nicehash miningpoolhub

I’ve recently puchased hash power from Nicehash and was able to mine ZEC in miningpoolhub for several hours. I had around 15 million valid shares but did not receive anything. Balance remained 0. I contacted miningpoolhub but they only replied once with this statement
Which miner did you use for Zcash? Have you checked your miner log?”
I sent them screenshots of the nicehash order. No reply since 4 days ago. I tried twitter and even went replying to other posts, which they deleted. Can anyone help me with this? Much appreciated.

So when ( date and time ) did you purchase hashpower, and for how long?


2019-05-13 06:00


2019-05-13 13:51

it was only arounf hours. is this not enough?

Friend you were just extremely unlucky!! per the block chain and per miningpoolhub own website, that pool did not find a single block during that time. previous to you starting to mine there the found one on 2019-05-12 around 18:34 and nothing until 2019-05-14 13:42 (see SS below)


If you do it again, I would look at https://explorer.zcha.in/blocks to see which pools are having the most luck.

Thank you, at least you clarified it, not like their support who completely ignored my questions. I’m new to this so again, many thanks.