ZEC withdraw on ViaBTC disabled?

Just wanted to withdraw some ZEC from my mining wallet from the VIABTC miningpool and noticed that ZEC withdrawels are disabled, anybody any idea why? Can’t find any info on the viabtc mining pool…

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Flypool disabled payouts during the upgrade from june 18 to june 25, maybe that?

So has your problem been solved?

NO, ZEC withdrawals are still disabled. I wrote some days ago a support ticket asking for how much longer it will last but no answer yet.

Switched to miningpoolhub temporary with all units.

Finally i got an answer after 4 days, lol. It’s strange that ZEC is the only coin on viabtc mining pool which can not be withdrawn manually but only daily with autowithdrawal.

Here the response:

Dear boxalex,

I am afraid that we only support auto-withdrawal for ZEC now.
ZEC autowithdrawal is available. https://pool.viabtc.com/wallet/home/

You can go to “Wallet” in navigator bar to switch on “Auto Withdrawal” and set a default wallet address to receive your daily mining payouts. All your profit will be calculated and allocated on an hourly basis while auto withdrawals are made between 10:00-18:00 (GMT+8) every day.

Best Regards


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