ZEC withdrawal issue from YOBIT Wallet

I have my Zcash in YOBIT . When I compared the volume it is really low there . So decided to withdraw and put in separate Wallet . For last so many days YOBIT is having Wallet maintenance issue or showing message ''Withdrawal for such currency is temporary off" . I tried contacting them but no one responds . Anyone else faced the same issue ? Any suggestion to resolve it ?

YoBit has maybe the worst support ever,I’m waiting response for my ticket since february,my advice is to stay away from them.

Yobit is the worst exchange someone can imagine, only the exit scam exchanges top yobit.

Seriously, yobit is not an exchange i would trust and i personaly would not even depost 1 XVG Verge there.
There are so many way more reliable exchanges around that someone only can wonder that yobit even still excists…

sell it for a coin that is not blocked, move it off and convert back