ZecHub Monthly Updates

Hi all, here are July’s KPI’s. I hope these metrics are informative to the community. If you would like to see others, please let us know.


  • Biggest increase was in Twitter Monthly and Best Post Impressions. It is noteworthy that last month both of these categories were negative.

  • Like last month, The Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, Newsletter subscribers, GitHub Forks, and DeWork member categories have always had a positive increase since measurement started

  • Call out is Github active contributors and # of PR’s merged are down – this could be due Zcon preparations and also Summer vacations but this is just a guess? Would like to see these numbers be positive.

  • Most popular podcast video is still the ZecHub 1 Year anniversary.

  • Most popular HOWTO videos:

    Zcash Explained: Namada-Zcash Strategic Alliance
    Zcashd Wallet Tool - Generate & Import Private Key
    Zcash Explained: Bitcoin’s Fungibility Problem
    Access your ZEC in Ywallet

  • Most popular shorts:

    A great reason to migrate $ZEC into Orchard Pool!
    Swap SHIELDED Zcash into Agoric!
    Dean Tribble explains the Agoric - Zcash Bridge
    The Increasing Value of Privacy

  • Top contributors to our Github this month include: Hardaeborla, Jahlexis, HashingMachine, TimUkrainian, and zecKR.

  • Top Tweet this month is announcing ZecHub Extras.

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