ZecHub Monthly Updates

Hi everyone!

In our first milestone update we want to share our objectives completed and our tasks ahead.

During the initial week we began a handover process involving several of the social & operations accounts in use.

The DAO continues its governance of ZecHub. Two votes having been completed this month:

  1. Retain Ian Sagstetter as Advisor
  2. Donate ZecHub Wallet Balance

The ZecHub snapshot page is now accessible via: vote.zechub.org
The ZecHub website is also now accessible through both zechub.org and zechub.xyz

We host an open sync meeting every Tuesday. Its main purpose is to give a chance for the DAO, core team members and the community to coordinate around their contributions to the project.

The ZecHub Wiki has added pages - Visualising Zcash Addresses and ZKP & zkSNARKS.
More detail on the teams involved within each Zcash Organisation were added to 3 existing pages.These pages have now been moved to a ‘Zcash Organisations’ section. The Library and FAQ’s also saw updates.

ZecHub style guide is now available for any potential contributors to review before getting started.

Contributing guide has also been drafted and will be released to the community as soon as the Startup Fund is available (pending the establishment of ZecHub 501(c)(3) Non-profit status).

We introduced a new educational series: Zero to Zero Knowledge

  • Hash Functions
  • Recovery Seed Phrases
  • Zcash Addresses

This month the topics covered have been focused mainly on Zcash-centric items the community will be familiar with and may also learn something new from.

During March we will explore other privacy technologies and frame Zcash within a wider context giving some perspective on ways Zcash crucially differs from similar projects.

ZecWeekly remains a central publication. Very big thank you to @ZcashBrazil, @artkor, and @Edicksonjga for their consistent translated editions. We soon hope to bring on more teams from other countries onto ZecHub global.

Providing information on ecosystem news, events, regulatory efforts and featuring your tweets and projects on a weekly basis has been encouraging for us to make.

We are looking to try different layouts for the site & adding more features to it. We have looked at ghost.io and super.so as potential options. This work will see more of our time in the coming weeks alongside prioritising community events.

We’re glad to see familiar folks joining the server discord.gg/zcash and getting involved! Don’t forget to add the ZecHub Community role in #lang-menu channel

There’s also a matrix server that is bridged to our discord channel: #zechub:matrix.org.

The team is definitely still on a learning curve, we will continue to build up ZecHub into the best venue for a vibrant & organised educational hub, providing accessible and incentivised participation in Zcash.


Happy to answer any questions!


amazing work!


This, we are working to improve edcuation for the community, appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

Also want to add that we have been having a blast working on this :fire: :zebra:


Education and more education for better and greater adoption.

It is an honor for me to be part of ZecHub and to help everyone know about Zcash. :slightly_smiling_face:



ZecHub is happy to present the community a roundup of our past few weeks of activity.

Major Achievements:

We are now Incorporated! This has allowed us to receive startup funding and begin to make ZecHub tasks available on a consistent basis.

The DAO completed a vote in full support of adding Iogy as a new team specialist, assisting with graphic design, managing platforms such as Crew3 and producing reports. The snapshot is also now verified.


There are 3 new additions to the Zero to Zero Knowledge series:

The intention is to continue exploring various privacy protocols and how they relate & differ to Zcash.

We successfully moved the site to Super.so, this has allowed us to use human readable links, customise site sections & add a bunch of features such as forms, dark mode, site search etc. A quick-start guide was published to show everyone where to begin.

ZecHub is now integrated with Dework, thanks to Vito for the idea! Tokidoki integrated it with the GitHub also supplying a set of useful site redirects. Members of the ZecHub Community on Discord are now notified of new tasks and able to claim them with one click.

The weekly sync meetings are going well. There’s been good involvement from DAO members & new people joining. Every Tuesday 15:00/22:00 UTC in Zcash Global Discord. We share an editable version of the meeting agendas now in the main channel to allow anyone to add their own discussion points.


We held a banner contest over the course of a week. The winning banner is now used on all official ZecHub channels.

There is now a community gallery which has several wallpapers, posters & logos that people can use for their own creations.

We held a Quest sprint on Crew3 with 32 participants joining, completing various tasks, a quiz on Zcash & proceeding to visit ZecPages & join Free2Z to make new pages.


We are pleased to see people from within the community engaging with ZecHub tasks. This month saw 67 Translations completed.

Big thanks to @artkor, @Michae2xl & @Edicksonjga for their translations of ZecWeekly. We are seeing indication there will be different editions coming soon!

ZecHub Global has seen the fastest growth so far, Very well done to @Olek almost completing the entire Italian site!

Our Dework has allowed the project to bring in several new contributors, many of whom are learning about Zcash for the first time, trying out ecosystem platforms all whilst contributing & earning ZEC.

Next Steps:

The question was put to the community of what they would like to see most on ZecHub and we have formulated a strategy in order to deliver quality video content on an ongoing basis. There were important lessons learned from our recent events and we’re taking them to heart in the upcoming ones.

Task budget, scheduling and payouts are now a formalised process. Into next month we will increase the frequency at which tasks are listed.

This will go hand in hand with exploring new avenues of outreach for ZecHub, inviting new people from a variety of communities to learn about Zcash and progress to help build on the project.

Thanks everyone for your continued support! Happy to answer any questions.



Thank you very much Squirrel, we continue to add value to Zcash through ZecHub for the community to learn about blockchain, privacy, wallets and much more. :shield::sunglasses:


This month I have been having a lot of fun helping new contributors navigate github to help build out ZecHub Global. Still have a bunch of work to do including adding more langauages/areas. In particular I would love to see:

  • ज़ेकहब हिंदी में
  • ZecHub auf Deutsch
  • ZecHub 中文版

I will continue partnering up with folks like @tim_ukrainian , @vito , and @AidenZ to help with translations :mechanic: Thank you everyone who has contributed so far :hearts:

If anyone has any questions or feedback, or wants to help out let us know!

:zebra: :owl:


Hello Everyone, here is a recap of ZecHub’s progress this month.

Major Achievements

Project Updates

  • With the help of some outstanding Global Ambassadors: @Michae2xl @Edicksonjga @tim_ukrainian @Olek @AidenZ @artkor ZecHub Global (now 8 languages!) and the ZecWeekly ecosystem newsletter are progressing rapidly.

  • Creating video content has remained a priority, our initial target has been at least two videos per week. We’ve been working on the Youtube Channel + adding new Playlists, Featuring Zcash Channels etc.

  • A New website is under development! The ZecHub DAO members have filled in profiles for the new site that will feature our Portfolio.

  • Zero to Zero Knowledge series covered Coinjoin Mimblewimble & HSM. We are looking to do a few more & soon trying a new format.

  • There are 2 more wiki sections for: ZF A/V Club Portal & for Zcash Community Blogs. Please let us know if you’d like your blog to be featured.

  • The weekly sync meetings have seen increasing participation. It has really turned into a great platform for the @ZecHubCommunity to share ideas. Recordings are now available (Locked to Cypherpunk Zero NFT holders).

Community Contributors

  • There’s been a torrent of community involvement producing translated wiki pages, video tutorials, podcast clips & even assisting in event coordination during our syncs.
  • 2 New Wiki docs on Shielded pools & for Zcash Shielded Assets were worked on.
  • A Portal to the ZFAV collection of guides/kits/resources has been created. We invite anyone with expertise in the field to make a page for it! Let us know if you need tips on where to start.
  • We are currently holding a Crew3/Zealy quest sprint! Many thanks to our new team member @Iogy for the work here.

Planned Steps

  • Starting May 5th 21:00 UTC please join us for the first ZecHub Spaces! We will host Tivra from the Decred community to chat about their project, notably Decred Dex supporting shielded Zcash.
  • We are actively reaching out to members of the community with plans of forming a new blog, keep a lookout for the invites!
  • The Z2Z Podcast will return with another 6-8 more episodes!

There’s still a few other things we have planned for the community, we’ll be figuring out ways to make it easier for everyone to get involved. If you have suggestions, leave a comment!


Happy to answer any questions.


When this project was born, I had no doubts that it would be the biggest source of information about Zcash. I think this will be much bigger in the future!


What CMS was choosen? I hope WP :blush:


its github pages for the moment - we can always change it :+1:


April has really sprung into action – thank you everyone who continues to further Zcash Education :owl: I wanted to post some internal KPI’s to add color to our performance. Any questions let us know :hearts:



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Impressive work!! Great development and impact on the ZCash Network… Keep up the good work!!


You all are smashing it <3


Hello Everyone! Here are project updates to give a clear summary of ZecHub’s month.

Project Updates

Zero to Zero Knowledge twitter threads have been phased out and we have started a new Video Series: “Zcash Explained.”

The intention is to have a selection of playlists with videos such as high level view of how Zcash works / Installing a full node / Zcash on DEX / Namada Bridge explained, etc.

We held two Twitter Spaces with Decred & Phonon DAO available on youtube with ongoing scheduling for our next discussion.

Core team now coordinates using monday.com, this will allow us to better track progress on tasks & accurately relay this during meetings.

Weekly Sync meetings are a joy, so many active participants giving suggestions & opinions on how we can better serve the community. A DAO meeting was held last week with full breakdown of expenditure and budget allocations toward Tasks.

We had a guest from LeoFinance came on to talk about the project and invite the community to the platform. Meetings are held in the Zcash Global discord on Tuesdays. All meetings are recorded and available to Cypherpunk Zero NFT holders.

We also had sessions with Geobrowser on how to add Zcash and Privacy pages to their platform.

The ZFAV portal has two new guides on IPFS. A Calendar for the club is coming soon. This will enable a shareable link to all events, meetups & workshops hosted by ZFAV.

The DAO site is now up. We will be adding more sections to it in the near term.

@januszgrze has set up research and comms channels. He has also reserved time every Monday for anyone in @ZecHubCommunity to speak with.


Community involvement has been encouraging. Its great to see participation and planning between the different communities. This month community Github contributions far surpassed the core team.

We are super excited to share the videos @thedesertlynx has created for ZecHub. Can’t wait to share these!

A number of Tutorials and Shorts were created by the community. These have been a significant proportion of our Youtube traffic.

The Global Ambassadors have also been much more involved this month. Making invites to their communities to work on translations, design work and documentation.

Very grateful to @artkor, @Edicksonjga, @Olek, @tim_ukrainian and @vito for the weekly newsletters. These are needed for international visibility into the continual progress the Zcash ecosystem makes on a weekly basis. The first @ZcashNigeria newsletter with us soon thanks to @Hardaeborla.

Planned Steps

  • The main focus for ZecHub has been producing media content & are just now beginning to see positive results. We will continue to keep this a top priority.

  • We are in talks with a few other projects, more dates for Twitter Spaces TBA.

  • In an effort to recoup some percentage of operational costs, plans to offer a Subscription with exclusive items have been made. A Merch Store has been proposed with the DAO currently in discussion.

Thank you to all community contributors, the project moves forward because of your abundant dedication and skill.

If you have any suggestions please leave us a comment!



Love these updates! The ZecHub team is doing some awesome work! Great job everyone!


ZecHub is getting bigger every day, many are encouraging themselves to collaborate to continue building the best decentralized educational center for Zcash.

Delighted to be part of this growth :+1:


Excellent! ZecHub continues growing up! :clap: :clap: :clap:


May has been a dynamic month. Here are some of our KPI’s.


  • Twitter and YouTube followers are seeing double digit increases (%) each month
  • Biggest increase was in Dework members ( Discord is popular! )
  • Number of github active contributors dropped vs last month but quality has improved
  • Less PR’s, but each PR has been bigger
  • Most popular podcast video continues to be our interview with Zcash Media’s @David_Heisenberg
    • Most popular HOWTO videos:
      Zcashd Wallet Tool - Generate & Import Private Key
      Exchange ANY crypto into Shielded Zcash
    • Most popular shorts:
      Swap SHIELDED Zcash into Agoric!
      The Increasing Value of Privacy
  • Github commit activity exploded due to better educated contributors (how its done)!
  • Top tweets include Least Authority’s destiny demo and DCRDEX zcash support announcement.


Any questions let us know :hearts:





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Excellent work!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: