Zero-cash protocol

My main question is why wont the team behind Zcash also release the zero-cash protocol so that others producing a currency can also benefit from their great work. There are many who could benefit from it and very few who could fully build their own version based on the technical papers. So instead of just releasing Zcash why not also release the protocol under a separately. I will admit merging them to work on the project might be difficult so even just releasing the protocol after Zcash is done would be great. Any ideas or comments are welcome.

I wasn’t aware that the zerocash protocol was secret…

Please bear in mind that the Zerocash protocol as published has significant security weaknesses that would need to be corrected – particularly the “Faerie Gold” and “InternalH collision” attacks. Anyone attempting to implement it should at least read the “Differences from Zerocash” section of the Zcash protocol spec. (Of course there’s no restriction on taking the security fixes from Zcash without the other changes, but it’s not trivial and should not be attempted without significant expertise in cryptographic protocol design.)

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For issues we’ve found in the Zerocash paper, see Issues · zcash/zcash · GitHub

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