A stable protocol is crucial for a cryptocurrency

The consensus, algorithm and supply mode are core protocols for a cryptocurrency network and should be fixed as which born. A stable protocol will help a cryptocurrency grown up to a mature point to point network without controlled by anyone. But it seems that Zcash protocol can be easily changed by ECC or foundation or some others, that I really concerned. If someone want to change the protocol, please wait and implement it after the first halving, So I can expect a good price brought by the halving.

I haven’t heard that someone is going to change Zcash protocol

The Zcash network was launched with a clear user expectation that changes to the consensus rules would occur, and thus the fact that upgrades would occur was part of its “birth”. See e.g. this blog post from before launch.

The protocol named Zcash can be changed by ECC and the Foundation, because they will be the joint holders of the Zcash trademarks. But the underlying cybercoin network software can only be altered if users choose to run the upgraded protocol. They are, and always will be, free to choose to not follow a Zcash upgrade and go in a different direction.

The fact that upgrades happen in the Zcash network has been known since launch, and thus should already be “priced in”. That said, chasing a high fiat price is not a good argument against making changes to the protocol.


For what it’s worth, it takes forever for these changes to actually go through, and they’re discussed extensively beforehand. The ECC and the Foundation have taken steps to formalize the process, e.g. ZIPs.


So, i understand, but i still persist that any changes to the protocol should be very cautious, especially at the period of hash rate boost and a coming halving.

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