ZF Engineering Update: 2024 Sprint 11 (May 21st - June 3rd)

Hi everyone,

This is the Zcash Foundation’s Engineering update for 2024 Sprint 11 (May 21st - June 3rd)

During the first half of this sprint, a number of team members attended ZKProofs workshop in Berlin where they had some productive conversations with other teams in the Zcash community.

Work on Zebra to support zcashd deprecation and support for a zcashd wallet replacement included upgrades to the latest versions of zcash_proofs, zcash_client_backend and zcash_primitves as well as work on a simplified zcash_script API. Additionally, in order to reach feature parity with zcashd and to support QEDIT’s work on ZSAs, we completed the work on regtest network mode in zebra and published documentation on how to use this new feature.

We also merged a fix to an issue reported regarding the incorrect serialization of empty note commitment trees for RPC methods. All of these will be included in the next Zebra release, currently scheduled for Sprint 13 (June 18th - July 1st)

Work on FROST included implementation of refresh share functionality in the frost-core library within a trusted dealer workflow. This feature will make it possible to remove signers from a shared wallet.

Devops spent some time looking into monitoring solutions for ZF hosted production infrastructure as well as looking into potential cost savings by using alternative services and optimizing our CI workflows. We also collaborated with ECC engineers to test librustzcash on our CI to identify breaking changes in Zebra earlier.


POS is being designed by @daira from ECC.

(I personally would also like to see GPU mining again in the meantime. Someone more knowledgeable about modern POW algorithms should go ahead and write a ZIP specifying it. Don’t wait for ECC’s or ZF’s “blessing”.)


Yea GPU or CPU mining hybrid with POS still makes sense for censorship resistance & anti-fragile system

i don’t see POS can properly be used as true censorship resistance & anonymity money system

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I just made a new post about it