Zingo 2023 Vision

The Zingo Vision

We are building a system that leverages the unique properties of Zcash to provide immediate value to the general population. If you know your seed-phrase, and you run Zingo, you’ll recover unique insights into your own past transactions. This is not just privacy, it’s essential insight into your own behavior built on top of that privacy.

This is our value proposition, privacy permits direct insight into your Self, and we’re providing you with that unprecedented capability.

Right now.

We believe that this story has broad appeal. Anyone who wishes to reflect on their own finances without external input will benefit from Zingo. Anyone who’s using the system will get more benefit, more insight, the more they use it. There’s a natural synergy where Users will prefer to transact with Zcash because they’ll get insight by doing so. Moreover if a User believes that such insight would be useful to their friends, they’ll be incentivized to recommend Zingo to them.
Zingo isn’t just a zcash-app, a privacy-app, or even a cryptocurrency app. It’s an application that leverages the best state of the art technologies available to provide its Users with un-censored self-awareness. Zingo is for anyone who wants to better understand how they use their money. How they are spending their life.


This sounds great! In the self-care and self-quantification software realms there are already very few privacy-aware options but it’s especially difficult to find this in personal finance software. I appreciate that you’re starting this project and utilizing the dev fund via the grant committee to do it. To me this is a refreshing surprise addition to Zcash and a perfect fit.


Thanks @ryan.taylor it’s great to hear that there’s some resonance, that other folks hear some “sense” in it.

Really this “Vision” as grandiose as it looks from one angle, is just a seed-of-a-Vision from another.

Or to put it another way: I am really stoked to hear that you’re interested. I’m eager to hear more feedback.

I think that this is a story that’s completely consistent with the values of the zcash community, AND will have resonance with much wider cultures. As such I think it’s a critical innovation. I think we need it.

Since I think that, I am going to try to get more people arguing about it.