Zingo? Where'd our ZCG ZEC go?

In September 2022 the Zcash Community Grants committee voted 4/5 to provide ~$128_000.00 USD in ZEC to ZingoLabs for the delivery of an Orchard-UA supporting lightclient.

We’re quite proud of the work we’ve done before, during, and since the period covered by the grant to not only deliver the software we described in the grant proposal itself on time, but also to add additional features, and contribute to various related software projects within the community.

The purpose of this thread is to give more detailed insight into the value that we’re producing.

Of course, the most obvious and important product is a User-facing application that:

  • operates under the SandBlast (with fast syncing)
  • supports Orchard
  • gracefully handles the nuanced interface presented by the UA protocol
  • has a vibrant community of developers THAT ARE USERS

You can download an application that fulfills those requirements right now for Android.

You can also build and run the command utility zingo-cli specified in this repo:

We can provide access to an “internal test” version on ios… but are navigating the App Store Review Process for Apple. We don’t know how long it will take to receive permission to publish there.

But what else have we provided?

Depending on community interest we can point to where we have contributed to related code-bases (orchard, librustzcash) or which other projects we’re working with to build new features (trezor).

And where are we going?

We’re eager to hear from the community. What are you interested in? What insights do you want from us? What do you think of our direction?


Great job on the Zingo Android! I love the Sync Report and Fund Pools details :raised_hands:

I hope that Zingo Desktop will be the first shielded wallet to support Trezor :crossed_fingers:


We’ll put this on the roadless-map. There’re a few variables that make it difficult to predict when we might complete it by…


My primary goal for February is to add watch-only mode to the zingolib to be able to use it as blockchain scanner backend for Trezor Suite. Gluing these two by zingolib json API.

But later on, I also would love to see direct trezor-zingolib integration.

There’re a few variables that make it difficult to predict when we might complete it by…

Yeah. For example there is no official Rust Trezor API and I have no idea what is a state of this crate:


Are there plans to make Zingo available in F-Droid?


Nothing formal yet, but we’d love to collaborate with anyone who wants to help us roll that out!

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Why is the Zingo unified address different from the Zecwallet.Lite-1.8.8-win unified address. I typed the same phrase.

Hiya @Slawek !! I am not an expert on Zecwallet-1.8.8-win I suspect that it’s producing a different set of receivers inside the Unified Address. Zingo produces 3 receivers in each UA:

  1. Orchard
  2. Sapling
  3. Transparent

This means that any UA supporting sender can select from among those three protocols when it sends to Zingo.


Yes, the zwl UA is of an Orchard only type. It’s a particular design choice but it keeps things pretty simple. Zwl seeds are compatible with being imported by other capable wallets like Ywallet but probably not vice-versa.