Zingo Lab Viridian Isn't Hitting Finsight Milestone Two

As you may be aware, Zingo Lab Viridian has been focused on the performance, reliability, and usability of Zingo!

We have finished porting the ECC’s new method for handling private transactions more efficiently and are currently testing it in experimental releases.

In the last four months we’ve also:

  • added the Basic Mode interface to address user demand for a more intuitive experience
  • added emulation test infrastructure to handle previously undetectable errors in widely deployed platforms (like the Bad-Orchard-Bundle-Authentication bug)
  • extended our internal benchmarking utilities to allow performance measurement
  • expanded our offering to include a fully-supported desktop version of Zingo!
  • implemented new (zip317) fee policies to mitigate the “Mempool SandBlast”
  • expanded our user test and feedback activities

We think we’ve provided significant value to the community, and we hope you’ll agree when you try out our forthcoming release!


I’m confused. Is this a thread talking about not hitting a milestone you set or a self-praise post?

How is that even measured?


Basically it means that they did not hit their milestone dates as they specified in their grant application:

Usually this means that the payment for that milestone will not be payed out unless it is delivered. I believe currently there is no penalty system for late delivery however.

But someone probably knows better than me - if so, feel free to correct!

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That’s correct, we didn’t hit that milestone, and have been working on necessary adaptations to the real operating environment instead. We’ll be publishing some more detailed updates with information about what we’ve been doing, and proposals for what we’d like to build for payment.

Since we didn’t deliver that milestone, we’ve received 0-ZEC from the ZCG.

It’s been difficult to continue operating in this scarce funding environment, but we recognize that our suffering is shared.

We’ve written a lot of quality code none-the-less.

Given the radically changed landscape, since last February, we think it’s reasonable to ask for payment for what we built, instead of what we hoped to build without present day information.

Again, the hard work we’ve done hasn’t cost the community at all and won’t until we have a tangible result that we believe improves the lives of Zcash users.


Thank you, @zancas

It is important to keep the whole community informed about your progress.

I know you are doing an incredible job.


This is the end-user affecting work that we’ve completed instead: